Why choose another country for a fertility clinic?

National laws prohibiting some procedures and treatments is the main reason why our patients come to us looking for help.  Treatments in their own countries have been unsuccessful and they do not have access to procedures and treatments that would increase their chance to become parents.  They have gone through all the treatments in their respective countries without success and have spent a financial fortune in the process.  Thus, most of our patients see us as a haven of last resort.

Most of our clients are classified as “hopeless patients” but we still match and exceed success rates internationally.

Our aim is to provide the most cost effective fertility programs at the highest value.  During our research of doctors and clinics our first priority was quality and value.  We decided not to compromise in any way.

It should be clear by now that the choice of clinic cannot be simplified into just the cheapest one, and fertility treatment programs can often cost a lot less when done abroad.  This low cost does not mean low level of care, but it is rather a reflection of the cost of living in that country.  In order to get maximum value for money, you can choose a fertility clinic in a country with a lower cost of living but with affordable travel expenses, since it often takes two or more IVF cycles to get pregnant.

While researching, our primary focus was the doctors that specialized in this field.  Our doctors are a collection of the best specialists one can internationally find.  Most have studied at the best medical universities in Europe and the USA.  They come from an elite academic background, have more than 15 years of experience, have many International Research Publications, are Members of International IVF Societies and / or Founders & Members of National Societies.

They are internationally respected in their field and have a successful track record.

Even our most traveled and demanding patients are amazed when they first see our clinics or hospitals.  Expectations are low due to the presumption that the rest of the world is standing still while their countries seem to be the standard for excellence.

This presumption is completely false.

The clinics and hospitals in our network belong to the best in the world.  They have all the international quality certifications and licenses required.  They have the most advanced and latest medical equipment and techniques.  The medical staff is highly qualified and experienced, fluent in English and friendly toward all patients, international or local.

We place extra emphasis on the care given to our international patients by evaluating the language skills of the medical staff and the quality of the procedures.

We promise, you will be amazed and happy.

All our clinics are located in beautiful places that are easy to reach.  The cost of traveling to our fertility clinics abroad from most countries is very cheap.  The cost of accommodations is also low and can be adjusted to your budget.  However, some of our clinics offer their own accommodations.

These locations allow our international patients to relax themselves during their stay, explore the city and have a small vacation.  Our patients have accumulated stress related to infertility over the years and are often very anxious.  We feel that a great location gives opportunity to relax and clear the mind.

Our hospitals and clinics include some top locations like Barcelona, Marbella, Istanbul, Prague and Athens.

Our Service in Steps

We have created our Site as visual as possible.  An image relays more than a thousand words it is said. We want you to be informed with the most effective and efficient experience.  The content of our Videos reflect the the content of our Site.  However, the concepts are explained visually resulting in a better understanding of the topics.

We can be contacted via our Contact Form, Phone + Callback Service & Skype.  It is advisable to fill out the contact form with your medical info first in order for us to make a preliminary assessment.  Most of our patients have a long history of medical events.  If you are new to this, please contact your doctor first to undergo any required pre-treatment tests for you and your partner.

You will consult with our fertility specialist to review your fertility history and learn about the best treatment options. We understand the need for couples to go through statistics like IVF success rates, clinic fees, and doctors’ qualifications. We take care of everything by answering all these questions for you. Consultation can be made per phone, skype or a personal visit at our office or at your home if possible.

After the initial consultation with you, we will commence to consult with our doctors in our network.  This process completely depends on your medical history and current status.  Further, legal implications of your case will be assessed.  Why?  Because different countries have different laws regarding the Assisted Reproduction treatments.  Once these steps have been taken within a 2-3 day time period, we will communicate our recommendation for a treatment and clinic.

The final choice is yours to make.  If at this point there are still some questions, we will be happy to answer them all.  We will also advice you on the best travel options.  We have selected and secured discounted rates at hotels close to the clinic.  Some of our clinics offer their own accommodations on site.  Here again, the choice is yours to make.

Services and Steps for an IVF Treatment Abroad

Your obstetrician/gynecologist is the foundation of your care and will closely work with us.  If needed, further male and female diagnostics will be required.

Your obstetrician/gynecologist will administer the fertility drugs to do the ovulation induction, this is to stimulate the multiple egg production.  During this time you will attend ultrasound scan controls in order to determine whether the dosage of the medicaments is optimal for you.  You spend the first seven days at home.

On the 8th day you travel abroad to our top specialist and clinic.  At the airport abroad, your personal assistant will be awaiting you to transport you to your hotel.  There you will be briefed about the planned events and schedule.  A short introduction to about your destination will be included.  Your personal assistant will help by arranging transportation to the airport, hotel and clinic.  A mobile phone with all the important numbers will be provided for the stay.  Your personal assistant is responsible for your well being and there to provide emotional support.

On the 9th day, you will visit the clinic together wit your personal assistant.  Our fertility specialists will harvest your eggs and perform fertilization through ICSI + IMSI, if required.  From experience, most of our patients will require the use of blastocysts procedure by culturing a fertilized egg for five days before implanting it.  A normal IVF procedure will take 1 day whereas a blastocysts procedure will take 5-6 days.  Due to you medical history, a recommendation for the blastocysts procedure will be given before you leave your country.  On the 2nd or 5th day the embryo transfer will be completed.  You will need to spent 3-5 days more for some follow-up tests.  After a final check-up, you may travel back to your home country.

Your obstetrician/gynecologist maintains and monitors your pregnancy.  Should complications arise, we there for you and help you decide what to do next.  However, we wish for a healthy new born baby and will stay in contact to receive the good news.


As a team, we will assist you with warmth, dedication, professionalism and care in your journey to have a child.